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ESOS Deadline Extended


Deadlines for ESOS compliance

If you qualify for ESOS you need to submit your notification of compliance.

If you qualify but you are not going to meet the ESOS compliance deadline you must notify the Environment Agency.

ESOS Latest News

ESOS compliance hit 65%

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme compliance rates rise to around two thirds of affected businesses, according to figures released Monday night by the EA.

Jo Scully said in a note that 4,000 out of the 10,000 eligible businesses had complied by the 5 December deadline and a further 2,500 notified the EA of their intention to comply by the 29 January.

If they comply by this date, the EA says companies will not be fined.

To avoid enforcement action call us today on 01225 753755 or email info@greenrockenergy.co.uk

Thanks to the ‘Freedom Of Information’ request we can see that ESOS compliant companies has risen from 359 to 793 between the 8th of October and the 12th of November. The trend is up 100% in just over a month but still a dismal score card as this represents less than 10% of companies that qualify for ESOS.

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