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Partnering with us is totally painless.

Many company's within the energy market are missing out on a valuable revenue stream by not having the qualified staff to carry out specific energy audits or are not accredited to the correct level to produce the required product. Are you going to let your valued client look elsewhere when you advise them that the requested product is not within your portfolio of services, or would you prefer to upsell your existing clients to the product they are already looking for.

Our whitelabel assessments and audits will allow you to expand into new markets without the associated overheads and time consuming accreditation training. Perhaps your situations vacant are not yet filled with the accredited staff, a temporary solution to meet demands of the market place could be a solution. Do you have a client in need of an energy certificate that you are unable to produce?

The level of whitelabel is versatile. You may look at our fully integrated solution where we use your brand onsite and in communications coupled to email at your domain name for direct communications with the client. Or you may be satisfied with little more than a finders fee. We tailor this product to meet your needs and are happy to discuss in detail with you any of your requirements.

To become a partner express your interest by email to info@greenrockenergy.co.uk



ESOS Audit – ISO50001 – ISO14001 - EPC’s up to L5 – DEC’s – SAP – Breeam and code - etc


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GreenRock Energy esos partners will enjoy the benifit of whitelabel esos audits and or whitelabel epc's, whitelabel dec's, whitelabel energy certificates (including aircon inspections), whitelabel iso50001 audits, iso14001 audits, energy audit partners have many benifits. Contact us today.